Single-Sided-Reverse vs. True Double-Sided Flags

When you start to think about creating your own custom boat flag, there are several considerations to think about including: size of flag, style of flag, your custom design and lastly, "single-sided-reverse" or "double-sided."  So what does single-sided-reverse and double-sided really mean?


Single-sided-reverse (SSR) flags are not 1-sided flags. They are in fact, 2-sided. However, the back side of the flag is a mirror image, so the back side of the flag is actually "reverse" or backwards.  Also, the back of an SSR flag is about 95% of the color from the front - this is how the flag is created and dyed.  I'll demonstrate what I mean in a few photos below.

For some flags, having a reverse image on the back is not a problem at all.  For example if you have a flag made with just a basic anchor as the design, it doesn't matter if you're looking at the front or the back (in reverse) because the design is symmetrical.

The flag construction of a SSR flag is top notch.  We use a single piece of 200d Nylon for extra strength and through a chemical process the design is bled into the nylon and locked in. We then stitch on the canvas header and grommets and also do a triple stitch at the end of the flag so it is durable, even in a marine environment.

It's important to note a double-sided flag is actually 2 single-sided flags sewn together with a third layer in the middle, which is a piece of Tyvek to block the sun from going through. For this reason, double sided flags are more durable than single sided.   

Why get a single-sided-reverse flag?

So there are 2 reasons why you should get a single-sided-reverse flag:

  1. Price: SSR flags are less expensive.  
  2. Representation: You're getting a custom boat flag because you want to represent something - a simple SSR flag does the job and does it well.  Even flags that have words on them can work for SSR, the human brain  can read backwards quite well when the flag is in the wind.

Single-sided-reverse (front)

Single Side Reverse Custom Boat Flag

Single-sided-reverse flag (back)


Single-sided-reverse flag (front)

Single-sided-reverse flag (back)

Custom Boat Flag Single Sided

Single-sided-reverse flag flying in the wind


Double-sided flags are exactly that.  In-fact, a true double-sided flag is actually 2 single-sided flags sewn together and that is why they are more costly.  To add to the 2 flags, we also put a third layer in the middle, which is a piece of Tyvek to block the sun from going through so the flag reads beautifully on each side.  

There is no question that double-sided flags are nicer.  They read nicer with the sun blocker, and they feel nicer (since it is 3 pieces of material), however, not it's not always necessary to purchase a double-sided flag. For old boat restorations, sometimes it's a must because you want it to be identical to the original boat flag. Otherwise it's just a personal preference -double-sided flags do cost a bit more than single-sided but they work better for certain designs and have additional durability compared to single-sided custom flags.


Double-sided (front)

Custom Boat Flag Double Sided

Double-sided (back)

Here are a few more photos of recent single-sided-reverse and true double-sided flags we have made.  Also, don't forget to visit our Facebook, Instagram or Custom Boat Flag Gallery.


SSR vs Double-sided (front)

custom boat flag

SSR vs Double-sided (back)

I hope this blog post was helpful.  If you have any questions, please feel welcome to Contact Us