Style Guide

When you're ordering, there are 3 things to keep in mind:  Style, Size, and Single-sided Reverse vs. True Double-sided. Below you'll find details on these options.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out anytime!

4 Different Styles

4 Different Sizes

Custom Boat Flag Sizes

Single-Sided Reverse or Double-Sided

Single-sided reverse flags are the most common we sell and greater than 80% of our customers choose this option.  Single-sided reverse doesn't mean single-sided flag, in fact both side of the flag are finished and look great, however, on a single-sided flag the back side of the flag will be reverse image of what is on the front. I've written a blog post, with photos, detailing the differences between a single-sided reverse flag and a true double-sided flag


Most boat flags are created via a digital sublimation process, which creates high-quality and a long-lasting marine flag.  We do also offer appliqué boat flags as well.  Appliqué simply means hand-sewn, where we can transform a simple design (a letter, short name or simple logo) and hand-sew the design onto the base flag.  All appliqué boat flags are quoted individually, and pricing starts in the $99 range.  Please note applique is only an option on very simple or basic designs.  If you have questions or want a quote for an appliqué flag, please contact us.