Custom Yacht Burgee Facts / Ideas

Burgee Style and Size

Embroidered, Digital,Cut & Stitch.
Choose from four popular burgee styles. Pennant, Rectangle, Swallowtail Burgee, Guidon.

Burgee Colors

Embroidered, Digital,Cut & Stitch.
We have an array of colors to choose from. Our most popular material is the 400 Denier premium nylon.
Note: These colors may differ from actual swatches due to your monitor's brightness and contrast settings and/or video display adapter.

Burgee Border Style and Color

Pennant, Rectangle, Swallow Tail.
Add a border to give that flare, enclosed look to your design. 

Logo Orientation Read Wrong

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Applique, Cut & Stitch and digital

Materials are cut using precise laser cutter to various shapes and sizes per logo design. Pieces are glued and stitched onto the base.

Burgee Logo Process

Now that you have an idea how your burgee might look, send us a picture, photo, hand-drawn, or illustration of your artwork, or the actual burgee sample (samples submitted will be returned upon request). Electronic submissions can be JPG, GIF, BMP, TIF, EPS, PDF, CDR or other popular image files. Submit them to one of the following contacts: